Womens Rights

Attention is drawn to the problems with the legal system in Northern Ireland, as pointed out to the Justice Depafrtment in England (as there is  currently no government in Northern Ireland).There are cases the law not being upheld in the High Court in Belfast, and the Clerks to the court providing misleading and incorrect information.  As a lay person with two degrees, neither of them in the law, and a Diploma in Freelance Journalism, and member of the NUJ,  research is my forte. I have researched the civil system in depth and most definitely found it wanting.
I also have an outstanding matter with PSNI as they are refusing to take evidence of the harassment of my person.
Women here in Northern Ireland are treated as second class citizens.  Female solicitors and barristers treated as if they are of no  importance.  Note the matter of abortion still being illegal in Northern Ireland.  I need to speak to Mrs. Foster about that next time I see her.  I also hope to meet with Ms ONeill and Ms MacDonald shortly as well, to assess the situation with the law in the south.
I wonder if you would support a motion to campaign for womens rights in the law and scrutinisation of the legal system in Northern Ireland.  The political situation digresses from the  growing social unrest.  We do not want to go backwards.  Ireland has made progress, but there is still work to be done.


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