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I have always been interested in politics, but don’t have any particular political ambitions.  The one time I ran for a local election in the north of Scotland I came last….. I guess my forthright attitude and the fact that I call a spade a spade doesn’t help.  Us folk from Lincolnshire to do that… Mrs. Thatcher was from Lincolnshire…. love her or hate her, she got things done.  I was brought up in rural Lincolnshire, a Conservative stronghold.  My father was staunch Conservative, being an agricultural worker, and my mother was Labour and believed that everyone had the right to work.  There were many household discussions on the subject.  As I started to travel, particularly in Libya where there were many IRA training camps, and Israel,  I started to develop my views at the age of 26.  They strengthened as time went on and I now think I lean more to the left than the right.  I am always sticking up for the underdog…gets me into a lot of trouble.  Living now in Northern Ireland as an English Protestant can be very interesting – I refused to live there in 1981 when I was proposed to by a soldier who was serving there.  I stayed single all my life but had a very nice relationship with a lovely man called Brian Sparks.

As I said, I tend to lean more to the left these days, but as ex Territorial Army (1971 to 1979), I do have some subjects on which I am definitely more to the right – attitude to money is one of them.  But then again, if you have money, you can help the underdog.  I have recently (2018) started receiving the magazine Red Flag which certainly makes interesting reading, especially the May 2018 issue which contains many interesting articles, but one in particular about the Good Friday Agreement 20 years on.  Due to recent personal trauma, I now go to church, play the piano and draw, as well as continuing my battle for the North Highland Way along with businesses in the north.

I am always looking for links… the struggle for an Independent Scotland aligns well with the Catalonians, the Israelis with the Catholics of southern Ireland.

I don’t exactly put myself in Andrew Banks‘ league, or that of Wendy Alexander ex MP (who was too clever for her own good) but I think I’m politically aware and know when I am being fobbed off… like Jamie Stone MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Wester Ross whose only question is “are you a constitutent?”when he knows I’m not. I have asked him three times to take the problems with public services in the far north to Westminster.. but no reply.  I guess he is cheesed off because I complained about his pal John Thurso who used to support me, but then didn’t.  Jamie used to support me as well, but you would have to ask them why they don’t now.  I have my own theory.

Gail Ross SNP is destined for great things. She is an excellent speaker, economically aware and a good all round Wick girl.  Fergus Ewing  has started responding to emails now that he is aware of the problems.  Good man. Nicola Sturgeon’s office also responds.. I haven’t put a link to her as everyone reading this will know who she is….

The latest beef is about the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman not understanding economics and that time is money.  I have asked them to investigate HIE, but they won’t.  They tell me to go to spend my hard earned cash taking up a judicial review.  I have asked what is the point, the North Highland Way does not benefit me in any way, so why should I do it?  The answer is “habit”  I’ve been wrangling with public services for 15 years, especially HIE, that’s why I’ve started a petition to get rid of them.  Please sign.

News from Brexit .

Also the bid to persuade Westminster to examine the Barnett Formula.  This is for Scotland’s benefit.  The waste in public services is appalling and there has to be a better understanding that time=money.

You can read more on my news service.

I am following Nicola Sturgeon on Twitter and Tweet her regularly.

I also follow her news service.  Of course, Scotland and Catalonia both want independence from the United Kingdom and Spain respectively.  However Ms Sturgeon does know that things don’t come free of charge and that the public services must understand economics if Scotland is to survive on its own.  You can follow me as the elections on 2nd May and 23rd May are held.

There is a great book, “Catalonia is not Spain” by Simon Harris… read it and you will get the message.

The book “Pentland Hero” about Andrew Banks is also a great insight into how Scotland actually works.

There is no way Scotland could be independent


Womens Rights

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