Spanish course

I am creating an on line course with conversation, grammar, reading, translation and writing.   Based on the course I did at the Instituto de Cervantes earlier this year, they advised that I build my own course specifically for my own target market, which is beginners and improvers.  There will be more advanced translations to do for people who are further on in their studies.

I hope to upload on line conversation classes with native Spanish speakers.

Course Structure

  • There are 3 key components to designing a well-structured course:
  1. Introduction Section (first section of the course) includes:

    1. Introduction lecture that is no more than 3 minutes (This is your most important lecture! Best practices here.)
    2. 1-2 instructional lectures
    3. 1 quick win (An exercise or reflection activity that is a way for students to prepare for the course or practice what they’ve already learned and dive right into the material.)
  2. Instructional Sections include:

    1. 1 specific, measurable learning outcome per section
    2. 1 introductory lecture introducing that learning outcome to students
    3. 3-5 lectures (but no more than 7) totaling no more than 30 minutes of content (we find that students log in for 30-minute sessions at a time)
    4. A conclusion summarizing what students have learned in the section
    5. At least 1 practical exercise which gives students the opportunity to practice the skill/learning outcome of the section
    6. Reference materials (visual aids, pdf notes, additional links, etc.), if necessary
  3. Lectures should:

    • Cover 1(!) concept
    • Be between 2-7 minutes (and no more than 20 minutes)
    • Have a well chosen lecture type given the content being taught


I will be uploading translations for you to do… some more advanced than others.


I hope to upload You Tube conversations with native speakers from the village of Competa. They have a lovely accent.. and you will be able to ask questions for the next time.


I will be asking you to write simple sentences.

At the end of 8 weeks you will be tested on all aspects, and put forward to the next level.

All of this is only available to members of the Hispanic Society of Carrickfergus. You can contact me at tinadirving [a] and I will send you a form.

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