Roy Kirk

Roy Kirks profile.

Does he fulfil his role as HIEs  Area Manager? No.

Is he honest? No.

Does he have integrity? No.

Does Mrs. Buxton do her job?  No.  See below… I never received a reply.

“Roy indicated in his email that there was no proven comunity support for this project”.  Before Roy decides to further oppose this project by this method, I can confirm that I have a number of paperclippings from the last attempt at getting the route off the ground.  One of these is a press release from The Highland Council in which they come out very favourably.

You should also be aware that I have made representation to the Scottish Government, again, regarding this matter.  You will recall that you had to respond to much correspondence last time, and you will again unless Roy gets in touch next week and agrees a meeting.  HIE will honour their responsibilities to the community and economic development, not forgetting that time=money.

I am also aware that HIE have managed to stall another important community project – the Rumster Outdoor Centre.  I have had an email from them today.

Both projects will be put forward to the Scottish Government as examples of how HIE are not doing their job.

I am copying a Glasgow based journalist with whom I have an excellent working relationship, and Jamie Stone MP.  Even though I am no longer a constituent of Caithness, Ian Ellis is.  We will be asking Jamie Stone to raise a petition in Parliament regarding HIE’s refusal to assist major projects in the north.

Surely it would be easier for you in the long term to attend to this matter in a civilized way and fulfil your obligations as an enterprise body. I suggest that you look at the Wikipedia entry for HIE.


Roy’s email indicating  that he would organise the meeting, otherwise why would he ask me for contact details of the interested parties?  He should have known anyway, as Area Manager  and he did, as SNH, HIE and the North Highland Initiative as well as Highland Highlife have been working together for years.  It would be interesting to see what they have ACTUALLY achieved. 


Thank you for your time this morning.

We agreed that you would send me contact details of the agencies who you believe would be willing to attend a meeting to discuss further involvement in the project. I agreed to speak to them within two weeks to measure their appetite and their possible role in such a project.

I also mentioned that encouraging more visitors to the area is a good thing it is still difficult to see the private sector lead for this and how it would take the project forward.

I look forward to getting your information and will come back to you after I have spoken with the contacts.


Roy Kirk

HIE area manager – Caithness and Sutherland”

From Matt Dent THC Access Officer

“I wonder how you are making progress in getting people together for the benefit of the counties of Caithness and Sutherland?

I was today in contact with the Access Officer, Matt Dent, and below is a quote from his email:

“I am happy to liaise with Roy Kirk about attending any meeting to discuss the North Highland Way, would prefer there is an agenda produced beforehand to ensure any issue(s) to be discussed can be researched in advance if required. “

I am sure Colin and other parties would feel the same.

I wonder if you would be kind enough to let me know how you are getting on.  You said a couple of weeks and that is almost up, not withstanding Easter.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards.”

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