I worked with London South Bank University on a research project looking at the economic development of the North of Scotland. I did not publish the papers, but members of LSBU came to Dunnet Head in 2014.  I am about to release some of the research done…. so watch this space.

I have also completed a research project for the North Highland Way.

The Highlands and Islands Enterprise Council want everything free, including the feasibility study I have also asked the Highland Council to make the zone between Cape Wrath and Duncansby Head and ten miles inland as a sustainable tourism zone.  At least the Caithness  Transport Forum and Scottish Natural Heritage are supportive.

I am currently working on a research project regarding the impact of NC500 on the impact on THC Roads budget and the economic impact in general. Stirling University are doing a research project on the impact of the NC500 on local communities and Jamie Stone is being lobbied about the state of the roads.

Ongoing work with LSBU to raise funds for the North Highland Way.  See advertisement below:

‘Dear Students,

Tina Irving is our valued Alumna who has been supporting us with projects for a number of years. She is looking for Students  to get involved in fund raising for a major community project in the north of Scotland.  Once the current target has been reached, she will be able to pay a student to develop our new fundraising web site.  They would pay £20 per hour for 10 hours to begin with, and the residue would be put towards infrastructure, ie stiles, board walks, signage and marketing etc.  Once the target is reached, students will be able to bid for the placement and a specification will be written.  Donate here
If you are interested , please email your CV to Tina Irving ( )

Kind regards’

LSBU research project

In January 2019 I am hoping to work with LSBU again, offering support for their students.  Watch this space.  I had a very interesting meeting with the Alumni Coordinator on 29th November…

Links for future research

Meanwhile, we are developing the North Highland Way in a completely different way – the “right way” –

Much of my research, including the feasibility study and business plan for the North Highland Way will be available here in a members’ area.

The Armada tree

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