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We set up a news service for the North Highland Way

The first phase  contains all the letters and correspondence with public services and the press.  You need to be a Friend of the North Highland Way to access this.

We are starting to publish press releases and other correspondence between public services and myself.  The state of play is at the moment…

Highlands and Islands Enterprise – is being investigated by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman. No wonder Nicola Sturgeon wants rid of them.

The Highland Council  – are being as helpful as they can be – given their lack of resources.  The Access Officer is fab!  We have had our difficulties of lack of support, but we are sorting them out.

SNH – great as always.  They created the Scottish Outdoor Access Code in conjunction with THC

I am also in contact with the Scottish Conservatives, Theresa May, Jamie Stone (Liberal Democrats), the SNP (Jill Rosie, Gail Ross, George Bruce and Nicola Sturgeon).

I write reports and research documents, but these are not freely available.  I am currently researching the impact of the NC500 on the roads in the Highlands.

for details.

You can see progress on my new forum  here.

The news service is available here.






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