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LetsGoNorth meets LetsGoSouth

LetsGoNorth was developed back in 1998 and has become a tourism marketing company firstly focussing on the far north of Scotland.  In June 2013 the most ambitious project yet was launched by a group of local businessmen – the North Highland Way.   This is administered by the Dunnet Head Educational Trust and you can help by becoming Friends of the North Highland Way – wherever you are!

However in May 2014 this ambitious project was superceded by LetsGoSouth and in November 2014 LetsGoSouth officially met LetsGoNorth in a rural tourism project. Scotland and Spain have been inextricably linked through history and culture even before the Crusades. The partners in the project Smart Holidays Andalucia and Tina Irving of LetsGoSouth are researching parallels between Scotland and Spain and examining elements which can be used to encourage further cooperation between the countries.  This includes energy, sustainable tourism, eco tourism, socio economics and a closer examination of how both countries have developed since the 1970s. This is in turn linked to my economics research project which examines why some areas develop and others do not.   There is a subscription service to be able to access this material.  Cost £15 payable by Paypal.  Contact me for details.

Some examples of historical and cultural links can be seen below:

Dons of Westray

Duchess of Atholl

Robert the Bruce




Comparison site – Scotland and Spain – brought to us by Nationmaster.


Can Scotland be independent?  Comparisons with the Catalonia question spring up on a regular basis:





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