I climbed Kilimanjaro in 1994… and contributed to the web site which is being taken over by an Indian gentleman in October for his travel site…

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The time leading up to and including the climb of the highest mountain in the world which you can climb without crampons and other paraphernalia, was fascinating. Brian and went to Africa to climb Kili. Our time in Nairobi and driving to Tanzania, not to mention meeting one of Brian’s ex-engineers, Brian Priestley, on the Kenyan/Tanzanian border were amazing – in particular the Nairobi national park. Somehow they paled into insignificance beside “the climb” up the “great white beast”. What an excellent holiday and birthday present, although before and since people have commented that anyone who wants such a birthday present must have something lacking in the brains department. Whatever. I had dreamt about the white topped mountain when I was a child and saw it in the geography books my father used to show me. He told me it was Kilimanjaro and I vowed, even then, that one day I would climb it. Brian thought I was totally off my trolley when he found out what I wanted for my big four-0 and said “but you don’t like mountains” – which is not strictly true, but I know that over the last few years I had refused to walk even up a small hill. I had horses… that was enough exercise for me. However, if anyone told me now that I had to climb Ben Nevis, I would say “what, that pimple…. Piece of cake”.. 23 years on I am not sure that it is true. The thing about Kili is that most of the time I didn’t feel like as I was climbing Africa’s highest mountain. A very special experience, and in the end Brian enjoyed it as much as I did.

Pictures to follow!

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