Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Who is HIE?

What do they do?

“Enterprise” is a misnomer in their case.

No response from Charlotte Wright, Head of HIE, no response from Anna Miller, Tourism Executive in Inverness, or from Sandra Dunbar “Business Executive” who doesn’t understand that research and other documentation does not come free of charge, especially when she cannot even be bothered to read the specification.  I have still not received information about what she expects in a business plan, which she says she wants.. free of charge of course.  There will be another complaint to the SPSO shortly.


On 29th August we asked HIE (Roy Kirk, Carroll Buxton and Anna Miller – the latter’s auto response was on as usual – I have never received a reply from her) if the EU Directive on Sustainable Tourism had been considered when developing the NC500 project.  They have 20 days to respond.  I am a very patient person.  They never did respond so will have to bear the consequences….






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