Facilities on the North Highland Way

Hello all….

We submitted the Expression of Interest to the Highland Council for toilets on Dunnet Head, which has 40,000 visitors per year.  It was a waste of time.  THC and VisitScotland want everything free of charge.  We are doing a study of how things are done in Ireland and exposing the system for what it is.  How can a toilet possibly cost £71,000? The grant is only for projects above this figure.  Why can a business Group not apply?  Because VisitScotland and THC want everything for free.  They understand nothing about business and economics.

The North Highland Way is to be a multi use route from John o Groats to Cape Wrath.  It will be the only multi use route in Scotland which adheres to the principles of sustainable tourism and connecting with the local community.

For many years, the local people have wanted toilets at Dunnet Head, the most northerly point of the UK mainland. Until now it has not been possible, but now there are funds available for such a project, and we, Friends of the North Highland Way intend working with the Highland Council to put together an Expression of Interest to a fund which is available from the Scottish Government.  We clearly need money to do this and hope that you can give generously.



Alternatively you can join Friends of the North Highland Way.  This is cheaper than Venture North or the North Highland Initiative.

We hope you can help.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise is the organisation which has been blocking the project, the North Highland Way and preventing it from developing…. let’s get rid of them.


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