Doundounreayreay should be protecting the environment not destroying it.  There was enough controversy in the north of Scotland when it was set up.  There were anti nuclear demonstrations everywhere.  Why are they not getting grips to renewable energy and the untapped resources there?  Orkney has. Alex Salmond once described Caithness as the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy. This has not yet come to pass.

They wouldn’t give money for the North Highland Way project either.  They wanted everything done before they would commit anything. They said the now defunct Dunnet Head Educational Trust had applied to the wrong fund, but they were not told that. They just wanted everything free. Now we have asked for consultancy costs and no more voluntary work is being done on the project.

The Highland Council also wanted everything for free, HIE wanted a feasibility study for free and all of the proprietors time.  These people simply do not understand business and economics.  Nothing is free.  While they sit there on their fat salaries, businesses are stunted for growth.  Now Dounreay are backing the proposed space rocket – and guess what.. HIE are behind it. Yes, the same HIE, in fact the same man, Roy Kirk, who refused funding for the feasibility study.



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