Two environmental disasters waiting to happen

The North Highland Way will be the only route in Scotland which not only adheres to the principles of the EU Directive on Sustainable Tourism but also the only multi use route in Scotland.  There was to be a spur out to the Peatlands for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.  The promotors have currently removed this spur from the route.  As an environmentalist, they do not agree with more traffic on the roads.

Backed by Ordnance Survey and ViewRanger.  We are concerned about the Environment, not like the folk from the NC500.

The Scottish Government don’t know what they are doing.  The environmental protection agency is in the wrong place…but we are trying to fix that.

At this rate, the Peatlands will end up like this

The original picture of a LandRover going over precious land has been removed.

The roads round the NC500 are already like this

The funders of the original route was the Highlands and Islands Enterprise Council  These are the actual Executives – Charlotte Wright and Gillian Suttie

Highlands and Islands will promote this… but Roy Kirk could not even set up a meeting about the North Highland Way. In fact, he should be sacked as should Charlotte Wright.  The Environmental Research Institute in Thurso are having no say.

Click here to sign the petition to remove them…  They do not pay their bills either.  They are the showstoppers on the North Highland Way project.

The RSPB station at Forsinard are also behind it.  You would really think they would know better.

You can see an article about the Peatlands on Eye on Spain.  It is a precious resource and should be protected.

They will back this, but they will not back the North Highland Way. The same with Dounreay… they will not back the North Highland Way.

Now the motorhomes in Kent are causing havoc.  This is what will happen in Scotland as they will have nowhere else to go.

Tourism Development

This is the promotor of the North Highland Way speaking about links with Orkney, and creating the LetsGoNorth meets LetsGoSouth project.

This is the promotor when she ran for local councillor when she lived in Scotland.

The Reverend Cairns says that the environment should be protected. She is right.

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