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Some years ago, I helped set up the Competa Business Association with Sebastian Chavos, Pepe Perico and the Competa Town Hall. Many local businesses, both Spanish and expatriate were involved. The Town Hall had been wanting to do that for several years, and in the end the nice folk from Villa Andalucia and Pepe Perico managed to pull it off. Sunset Properties were also involved, as were Steen and Lisa Stilling (now retired). We had many meetings, but as usual with voluntary sector organisations, it folded.
Based on this experience, I have formed the Competa Business Club and any organisation within the Competa area can join, providing they adhere to the principles of Green Tourism.

Patrick and I assisted the town hall to set up walking routes, which has been very successful. Thanks to the untiring efforts of Gwen Ferber, and before her husband, Tom, who sadly passed away some years ago, there are now many walking routes in Competa.

Cost £25 per year and receive the following benefits:

    • Priority when booking individuals and groups in for accommodation
    • Liaison with the Competa town hall, and others as they come on board.
    • Lots of information about the state of the property market and Brexit –  it will be put in a members only area.
    • Introductions to companies who may benefit your business
    • A monthly newsletter – if you do one, you can submit it to mine, and it will go out to all my contacts as well
    • When I make deals with other organisations, members will get first refusal.
    • Priority booking of accommodation for festivals such as the Art Walk and the Walking Festival
    • Your clients will be able to book on our tours at discounted rates.
  • You can get a free consultation about our services, and, once you are a member of the Business Club you can get one half hour session free of charge.  We work with many industrial professionals, including lawyers, gestors and estate agents.
  • In 2018 I brought two groups of people to Competa, and often refer people to when I am out and about.

The Club started in August 2018 and already has two members

Sergio Fernandez Properties

Villa Andalucia

Book a session


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