Basic tenets


Rachel Carson Enterprises has a few basic tenets for business and believes that you will never be a prophet in your own home town. Look at what happened when she tried to get the North Highland Way going in Scotland.

The company is committed to sustainable tourism, and is running a course commencing in March.

The first thing is:

Never ask your friends for money
Never ask people you trade with for money – refusal can offend
Don’t expect that because you have done something for something else, they will do something for you – see my book “The Battle for Brough Bay“. Also “Creating the North Highland Way” from the same source. The specification for the North Highland Way is in it. Rachel Carson Enterprises owns the feasibility study, land owner survey and business plan.

Engage the community in your projects – its better for the economy and business growth in the long term. We did try that in Scotland, but the Irish understand business and economics and that not everything can be done on a voluntary basis.

Businesses I work with in Portadown will not be asked to sponsor the Spanish event… but they would like to, feel free!

Finally… Act locally… think globally….

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