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The rocket

The company concerned don’t even know where it is… https://www.iflscience.com/space/orbex-unveils-the-world-s-largest-3d-printed-rocket-engine/?fbclid=IwAR166GxvoqyIbnoIpuO8jap4Jn82ZjRf48QlmyieytWU_40rKyAWuuOP26A They think it is in Sunderland… not Sutherland…. I had a great morning in Dublin on Saturday… I met up … Continue reading

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Get in our programme!

Will be launched officially at the same time as the Belfast Book Festival… meanwhile, keep the date!Links LetsGoExploring Sponsorship of Spanish week Who can tell me the difference between Spanish flamenco … Continue reading

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Spanish week – Ole!

The photo is of the young man who will be going to Paraguay this summer, and also abseiling down the Europa Hotel on 28th April…. Support him as best you … Continue reading

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  We will be doing a tour on 6th June in the Armagh area, focussing on Spanish links… Check back regularly for updates and news on the Hispanic Society of … Continue reading

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My lovely ex, Brian Sparks, bought me a subscription for the fantastic Irish Writers Circle for Xmas. I went to pick up the anthology on 5th January, and also joined … Continue reading

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Thewriteway Creative people must be stopped Home Projects Petitions Journalism Books Contact Search for: Advertisements Report this ad Newsletters You can buy the book “Creating the North Highland Way” on … Continue reading

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Rachel Carson Enterprises

Rachel Carson Enterprises is a division of TDM Consultancy focussing on environmental issues and running courses on how to make your business sustainable within the environmental field. Rachel Carson was the … Continue reading

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