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Rachel Carson Enterprises is a division of TDM Consultancy focussing on environmental issues and running courses on how to make your business sustainable within the environmental field. Rachel Carson was the first environmentalist and wrote the acclaimed “Silent Spring”. If you are interested in the environment, this is the perfect opportunity to get started. We have a new web site….

Those applying for the Scottish roles will be working on the North Highland Way, one of the most exciting projects in Scotland!

Those working in Ireland will be part of the Hispanic Society of Carrickfergus.

Our first course starts on 15th March 2019 for 5 weeks, Friday mornings at CIDO in Craigavon.    Costs £80.00.   Assistance with cost may be available at your job centre.  If you are between 17 and 19 you may be able to get assistance through the government.  Information will be supplied if you are selected for interview.

Week One – Looking at a sustainable future

Week Two – Where is the revenueWeek Three – Business opportunitiesWeek Four – Building your business (then people could come on your course)Week Five – The underlying technology

Book on the course now. 


We have been marketing the North Highland Way for several years, in magazines, SEO analysis and via our database of over 7,000 walkers. We work closely with public services and the press.

We will be developing a new marketing plan starting in October 2019 with the Irish and Scottish authorities and companies are invited to join us as an integrated approach. For the North Highland Way, there is the Friends of the North Highland Way which will have challenges, a passport and a map in the New Year, as well as new routes. The most exciting development is our membership of Wild Scotland.

For our Irish products we will be attending trade missions, and the Spanish products are already being uploaded to our CMS system.

We are also happy to share with you our affiliate marketing opportunities such as TSO Host and booking.com.


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