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Not good news for the North Highland Way

But good news for the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon areas… watch this space.

Not good news for Scotland either.  It will never become independent with this attitude!  The NUJ are on to it.

Also our partnership with Ordnance Survey is going well.

Dounreay wouldn’t support either… despite having millions from the public purse.



This is the sort of thing you get from the Principal Tourism Coordinator

“My apologies if I’ve misinterpreted things but many of your earlier messages message made a number of observations but didn’t contain anything I saw as a specific question for the Council hence the fact I didn’t reply. The one specific question you posed related to your wish for us to accept “that the Friends of the North Highland Way (a couple of landowners, an hotel and an estate agent and of course myself) will take this project forward” – the Council has previously confirmed on a number of occasions that you are welcome to do so if you wish.

In your message yesterday you did pose a new question unrelated to the North Highland Way – namely whether Caithness and Sutherland could be seen as a Sustainable Tourism Destination which I am happy to answer that question here.

I can confirm that the Council’s approach remains that the tourism industry should take the lead in deciding how the industry develops and we would therefore not object to the approach of becoming seen as a sustainable destination if that is what the industry decides locally that they wish to do.”

Following this Mr. Simpson said he would approach Venture North and NHI.  I thought great.  it was not to be.  He reneged on the arrangement, just like Roy Kirk.





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