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Competa goes Green

CómpetaCompeta will become the first village in the Axarquia, Andalucia, Spain. Working with the local town hall, we introduced the town hall to the relevant agencies, and now members of the Competa Business Club can access information about the new and very exciting arrangement. After 30 years of working and living in Spain, and having had two business there, the proprietor of the new business being set up in Portadown, County Armagh, Northern Ireland, has succeeded in initiating green tourism in Competa. Now it is down to the town hall and local businesses to respond. Some years ago, she assisted with the set up of the walking routes and now the village has lots of walkers. She also assisted with the set up of the business association.

A long time fan of Competa, and everything Spanish, she is now organising Spanish week (3-7 June) under the auspices of the Hispanic Society of Carrickfergus. She is donating her materials about the Spanish Civil War and lots of reference books to the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland and there will be a group tour there during the Spanish week. She has already harnessed the power of the National Union of Journalists as a sponsor, and also the Belfast Book Festival. More details about shortly.

The next destination to Go Green will probably be Portadown, followed by Caithness and Sutherland which has a much bigger council, and the bureaucracy is so much more. The proprietor has asked the Highland Council if they could make the area a sustainable tourism destination, and also the environmental agency and transport companies. This would be in the region of the North Highland Way. North Highland Trail GG


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