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The last gasp!

Well,  how could we follow THAT party… I think we´re all starting to feel a bit jaded! Arlette and Ian went off for a walk and the gang pottered about the village.  There was a lot of talk about going to the coast but in the end we drove to Canillas de Albaida, had a nice lunch and a walk round that village instead… It is no less hilly than Competa.  We were all struggling up the hills puffing and panting… and regular sit downs were a must!

Dinner that evening – I was late as I fell asleep!

Tuesday – market day.  Were we going to the market or the caves, or weren´t we going to the caves. To be or not to be… that was the question!  In the end it was agreed that, as I was meeting a friend for lunch in Nerja I would pick them up at the Torre del Mar bus station and drive them back up the hill…. Well…. there was a bit of confusion.  Anne was being dropped off at the aiport – driven by – yes, you´ve guessed it…. Pepe.  The two musketeers decided they would go to Nerja instead… but of course I didn´t know…I had a frantic call from Helen saying that they would wait at the bus stop until 5pm… Well, I said I would pick them up at 4.30?  Strange. Ah well…. off I went to Torre del Mar – a 20 minute drive along the coast.  Arrived at the bus stop… where were they?  No sign….Waited – ah, there they are coming from the wrong direction on the bus from Nerja when I was expecting them to come from Malaga….No harm done…. drove up the hill and all was well.

Derek is on his own today as I have work to do…. No doubt I´ll see him before he leaves tomorrow morning.. Arlette and Ian left this morning.


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