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The long haul north – Algarrobo Costa to Edinburgh!


The first leg – a flight from Malaga to Edinburgh on Ryan Air proved not to be interesting in view of the service provided by the airline, which actually I have never found too bad… you get what you pay for …. but with the swift action taken by the Guardia Civil and security services when my laptop and I-phone were taken right from under our noses at the security gate. A moment’s inattention as my partner’s bag was being searched (and my thinking that he had the laptop) as well as me watching a woman who was behaving suspiciously, gave the opportunity for my property to be stolen. Not that Police Scotland would have considered that they were stolen… they would have  said that the thief was merely “borrowing” them. That’s another story. The stark contrast between the level of service provided by the Guardia and that of Police Scotland will, one day, I am sure be addressed. I digress… the equipment was retrieved in minutes and we were able to continue our journey to Edinburgh.

In Edinburgh,  April 1st dawned. It was a beautiful morning in Edinburgh. You could be forgiven for thinking you had not left Spain. Spanish being spoken, sun, sea and fabulous beaches around Kirkcaldy. The castle looms above the city in its splendour – there has been a royal castle on the rock since the reign of David I in the 12th century.  The deep red colour of the Firth of the Forth bridge is a true Scottish icon and gateway to the north – or the south, depending on your point of view! The road bridge which runs parallel to the rail bridge is somewhat dated now and cannot cope with the volume of traffic which crosses the Firth on a daily basis. Another bridge is already under construction and you can see the first massive towers rising “Valkyrie-like” from the bed of the estuary.edinburgh

The long haul north continues with a section from Edinburgh to Inverness >>> coming soon!


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